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I mentioned earlier that I come from a family of crafters. My mom and grandma had a crafting business for many years. Nothing full-time, but they worked hard and did a couple of local craft shows a year. The two of them made a good pair because they recognized each others strengths. My grandma is the creative one. She is the artist who is always coming up with new ideas, for example, she recently has been in gourd painting since she moved to Arizona. My mom is a production kinda girl. Whatever grandma comes up with, my mom mass-produces it.

I often wonder which one I take after more. I would say I’m pretty creative, but I’m also fond of borrowing ideas. Rarely do I come up with a great craft idea on my own. Especially re-purposing. I just can’t see how people can look at one item and imagine how to turn it into something else entirely. To me, that is more of an art than the actual execution. I guess my brain just doesn’t work that way.

Which brings me to today’s do-it-yourself: Remaking vintage pins into magnets.

I’m borrowing this idea from Country Living.

Country Living Magnets

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I’m obsessed with all things vintage and especially the clothes! A while back my grandma let me raid her jewelry box and I took home some lovely vintage pins. Unfortunately, I am terrible at remembering to put jewelry on in the morning and have never worn them. So why not re-purpose them??

Crafting Supplies

Easy Squeezy!

I have three pins (okay one is from a blouse from Forever21), pliers, super glue and magnetic buttons.

Step One: You have to remove the backs from the pins. For the flower pin and the star I only needed to remove the actual pin. The black pin needed everything on the back taken off or else the magnet wouldn’t stick out enough to stay on the fridge.


All Gone! (Sorry about the chipped polish!)

Step Two: Place a small dab of glue onto the back of the magnetic button. I lucked out with the flower pin. It is made of metal so the magnet already stuck to it. I put some glue on it just to keep it safe. Be careful with super glue as it can easily drip onto your fingers and before you know it, you’re stuck to the magnet! Not that that happened to me or anything…

Vintage Pin Magnets


Step Three: Hold the magnet to the pin for a bit until it dries. You can also just lay it flat for a few minutes.

And that’s it! It’s so incredibly simple!!!

Pin Magnets

Fun Fun Pretty Pretty!

I actually don’t hang things on my refrigerator typically and many fridges today are stainless steel and are not magnetic. I think I’m going to take mine to work and liven up my overhead metal cabinets in my little cubicle.

Now for those of you who absolutely CAN’T find any cool pins you can also buy these from fun crafters like this one at

Flower Pin Magnets

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This magnet trio retails for $18.