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While looking for a how-to for rug painting (coming soon!) I stumbled across a little gem called Curbly is a DIY design community where members post their own blogs and pictures of their homes, designs or whatever they love about where they live. In fact, that pretty much sums up the theme of the website…”love where you live.”

Member Blogs

Members treat Curbly as their own blog and post anything and everything that has to do with interior design. Some just post pictures of things they like. The pictures could be from their own homes or other designs. Also, members canĀ  post links back to their own personal blogs. Many members who are professionals, use Curbly as an additional channel for their blogs.

This member posted pictures of a Malibu Barbie Dream House designed by acclaimed designer Jonathan Adler.

Malibu Barbie Dream House

Design by Jonathan Adler-picture provided by

Her post doesn’t cite Mr. Adler as the creator, but it does reference the site where she found it. Not sure that was a great move, because at first, I thought it was her design.

Others post articles they’ve found interesting and want to share. This member posted about the house where serial killer Lizzie Borden lived and how it is now a bed and breakfast…creepy. His perspective was on whether or not the owner should have to disclose the histories of the house. He made some great points. I know I’d want to know if I was staying in a house where a serial killer lived and committed her crimes. YIKES!

My personal fav:

Many members post their own do-it-yourself pages. This one is about painting floor mats. Since my blog is all about easy do-it-yourself, this post was right up my alley.

This laundry room looks so cool! I probably wouldn’t go that far with designing a laundry room, although that’s hard to say seeing as how I don’t actually have one yet. Nonetheless, it looks awesome. I wonder how functional it is.

Now this member also has her own blog called The Exchange. Her blog has over 300 followers and her recent post on Curbly already has over 65 views. Not too shabby.


The “clippings” page my just be the coolest thing yet. I have all of these new projects I want to try and they all started with a picture. I have books and files everywhere of pictures I love. I mentioned in my first post about finding your style by collecting images of things you loved. I like to do it in a three-ring binder, but I also said the internet was a fabulous place to find pictures and Curbly is a great place to keep them organized.

How to:

to collect the images you simply add the “Curbly It” tab to your Bookmarks and whenever you come across an image you like, you can Bookmark it with the “Curbly It” and it adds it to your clippings. It also adds the website where you found it. I like this because I don’t feel like I’m stealing it. Check out my beginning clippings collection here.

So Much More

These were just two of my favorite highlights of the website. There’s so much more to check out and do. What was your favorite section?