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I mentioned earlier that I come from a family of crafters. My mom and grandma had a crafting business for many years. Nothing full-time, but they worked hard and did a couple of local craft shows a year. The two of them made a good pair because they recognized each others strengths. My grandma is the creative one. She is the artist who is always coming up with new ideas, for example, she recently has been in gourd painting since she moved to Arizona. My mom is a production kinda girl. Whatever grandma comes up with, my mom mass-produces it.

I often wonder which one I take after more. I would say I’m pretty creative, but I’m also fond of borrowing ideas. Rarely do I come up with a great craft idea on my own. Especially re-purposing. I just can’t see how people can look at one item and imagine how to turn it into something else entirely. To me, that is more of an art than the actual execution. I guess my brain just doesn’t work that way.

Which brings me to today’s do-it-yourself: Remaking vintage pins into magnets.

I’m borrowing this idea from Country Living.

Country Living Magnets

Photo provided by

I’m obsessed with all things vintage and especially the clothes! A while back my grandma let me raid her jewelry box and I took home some lovely vintage pins. Unfortunately, I am terrible at remembering to put jewelry on in the morning and have never worn them. So why not re-purpose them??

Crafting Supplies

Easy Squeezy!

I have three pins (okay one is from a blouse from Forever21), pliers, super glue and magnetic buttons.

Step One: You have to remove the backs from the pins. For the flower pin and the star I only needed to remove the actual pin. The black pin needed everything on the back taken off or else the magnet wouldn’t stick out enough to stay on the fridge.


All Gone! (Sorry about the chipped polish!)

Step Two: Place a small dab of glue onto the back of the magnetic button. I lucked out with the flower pin. It is made of metal so the magnet already stuck to it. I put some glue on it just to keep it safe. Be careful with super glue as it can easily drip onto your fingers and before you know it, you’re stuck to the magnet! Not that that happened to me or anything…

Vintage Pin Magnets


Step Three: Hold the magnet to the pin for a bit until it dries. You can also just lay it flat for a few minutes.

And that’s it! It’s so incredibly simple!!!

Pin Magnets

Fun Fun Pretty Pretty!

I actually don’t hang things on my refrigerator typically and many fridges today are stainless steel and are not magnetic. I think I’m going to take mine to work and liven up my overhead metal cabinets in my little cubicle.

Now for those of you who absolutely CAN’T find any cool pins you can also buy these from fun crafters like this one at

Flower Pin Magnets

Photo provided by

This magnet trio retails for $18.


Finally, there appears to be a magazine out there for people just like me. People who like to dabble in everything…or close to everything (nothing illegal of course).

And of all things, it’s called Dabble! How cool is this? Actually, I’m not sure how cool it is, because the magazine hasn’t actually hit the stands yet. However, you can see the first issue on the website. 

I perused the entire first issue online and I started bouncing in my seat with excitement. While the magazine doesn’t cover everything you can dabble in, let’s say fishing for example, it does cover three of my favorite topics: design, travel and food.



Photo provided by

The design section features DIY tips, home tours and other creative tips. This section is the most poignant for my blog’s current theme. I plan to branch out to other dabbling areas eventually. Like, when this semester ends.  There were some fun articles on re-doing your hallway and spicing it up and some home tours of GORGEOUS houses.  But the winner for me was the interview with Diane Von Furstenberg. The DVF diva herself. I think I drooled a bit on the keyboard. She mostly talked about her new home collection, which is as stunning as her iconic wrap dress.



Photo provided by

This travel issue takes us to Prague and all of its wonder. The pictures were spectacular and brought back fond memories for me. I was an exchange student to Germany and we took a EuroTour that included Prague. That was definitely one of my favorite cities.

Another great stop was Nashville, Tennessee, a city not too far from me, and sadly I’ve never been there. Funny how that happens isn’t it? Sometimes, there are great places out your backdoor and yet, you only dream of going far away.



Photo provided by

Mmmm food.And they started off with the most important food group…coffee. I’m in heaven. There were some delicious looking recipes in the issue, but they looked pretty advanced. I’m definitely in the beginner’s class when it comes to cooking. My diet consists mostly of coffee, Ramon noodles and whatever I can steal from my mom’s fridge.

This brings me to the PR question of the day. Is it a good idea to post the entire issue online?


Personally, I loved that I flip through the entire issue online. It got me really excited about the release and future issues.


If they plan to release every issue, where’s the incentive to subscribe?


The last page lists the different social media the magazines follows, such as its favorite blogs, Facebook fans and Tweeters. I can’t decide if I like this idea or not. The PR person in me says, yes! You’re on social media and clearly involved. That’s great! On the other hand, if a magazine was mentioning me in its pages, I would have a hard time not writing glowing reviews of every issue. What can I say? I can be bought. This asks an ethical question. I can’t wait to see the magazine and how the social media part plays out.

Today’s lesson is all about being creative and cheap. A great way to spruce up a room and not spend a lot of money is to put down a rug. They can really add a lot to a room. Now, I get tired of seeing the same designs on rugs sold at my local Target, Wal-Mart, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. They all just look the same to me. Everything is either stripes or circles in various brown and beige or huge designs in neon pink and green. None of that screams me.

So why not make my own? I can choose the type of rug, colors and designs I want to have. It makes searching a whole lot easier and the price is just right. Since it’s my first time, I wanted to start with an easy rug to paint. I perused my local stores and found a small sisal rug that would work perfectly.

Sisal Rug

It’s a good starting point rug. It’s nice and flat, so learning how to put paint on it shouldn’t be too difficult.


I’ve learned fabric paint is the best way to go with rugs, because it won’t wash off and it shouldn’t crack after drying. I decided to use craft paint and add a fabric medium found at my handy dandy Mom’s house. Thanks Mommy!

Craft Paint

It’s fine to use different brands. It’s more important to get the colors you like!
Fabric Medium

Fabric Medium

The directions on the back say to use a 2:1 ration. Two parts paint to one part medium. I basically just started pouring and made sure I used more paint than medium. It seemed to work well.

Be Creative

I’ve seen some wonderful designs that used painter’s tape to map it out. It’s an easy way to create a fun striped pattern and not mess it up. But I’ve always been more of a free-hand kinda girl. I did find a design to use as an inspiration. I don’t like to exactly copy designs, because I feel like I’m cheating. Sometimes the only way to find your creative bone is just to try to make a design your own, with small changes.

The Design

For Christmas I got these adorable hand towels for my kitchen. I wish I knew where they came from, but Grandma forgot. I love this flower towel and figured that would be an easy pattern to start with.

Flower Design

Pretty Towel!

How To

I used brushes with stiff bristles so I could dab the paint into the rug fabric. Brush strokes don’t really work, because it will take you six years to get enough paint down. You have to use quite a bit of paint but I ended up with leftover in the mini bottles.

I tried to free-hand but the design was getting pretty off-centered. So I painted small circles the rest of the way down the rug to map out my flowers.

Final Product

Painted Rug

Lot's of flowers!

 All in all, it was a simple project that only took about two hours to complete (not counting shopping time) and the cost was under $25. It probably would’ve gone over, but I was able to borrow the brushes and medium from my Mom.

I wasn’t thrilled with the final rug, but I was happy with my first try. I wish I could’ve found a lighter rug to start with. I think for the next one, I’ll use the same rug but do larger flowers (maybe peonies) in white. Stay tuned!

P.S. Here are some bloggers who inspired me and did it better!


DIY Maven via Curbly

While looking for a how-to for rug painting (coming soon!) I stumbled across a little gem called Curbly is a DIY design community where members post their own blogs and pictures of their homes, designs or whatever they love about where they live. In fact, that pretty much sums up the theme of the website…”love where you live.”

Member Blogs

Members treat Curbly as their own blog and post anything and everything that has to do with interior design. Some just post pictures of things they like. The pictures could be from their own homes or other designs. Also, members can  post links back to their own personal blogs. Many members who are professionals, use Curbly as an additional channel for their blogs.

This member posted pictures of a Malibu Barbie Dream House designed by acclaimed designer Jonathan Adler.

Malibu Barbie Dream House

Design by Jonathan Adler-picture provided by

Her post doesn’t cite Mr. Adler as the creator, but it does reference the site where she found it. Not sure that was a great move, because at first, I thought it was her design.

Others post articles they’ve found interesting and want to share. This member posted about the house where serial killer Lizzie Borden lived and how it is now a bed and breakfast…creepy. His perspective was on whether or not the owner should have to disclose the histories of the house. He made some great points. I know I’d want to know if I was staying in a house where a serial killer lived and committed her crimes. YIKES!

My personal fav:

Many members post their own do-it-yourself pages. This one is about painting floor mats. Since my blog is all about easy do-it-yourself, this post was right up my alley.

This laundry room looks so cool! I probably wouldn’t go that far with designing a laundry room, although that’s hard to say seeing as how I don’t actually have one yet. Nonetheless, it looks awesome. I wonder how functional it is.

Now this member also has her own blog called The Exchange. Her blog has over 300 followers and her recent post on Curbly already has over 65 views. Not too shabby.


The “clippings” page my just be the coolest thing yet. I have all of these new projects I want to try and they all started with a picture. I have books and files everywhere of pictures I love. I mentioned in my first post about finding your style by collecting images of things you loved. I like to do it in a three-ring binder, but I also said the internet was a fabulous place to find pictures and Curbly is a great place to keep them organized.

How to:

to collect the images you simply add the “Curbly It” tab to your Bookmarks and whenever you come across an image you like, you can Bookmark it with the “Curbly It” and it adds it to your clippings. It also adds the website where you found it. I like this because I don’t feel like I’m stealing it. Check out my beginning clippings collection here.

So Much More

These were just two of my favorite highlights of the website. There’s so much more to check out and do. What was your favorite section?