Ok, so I started this blog for a college class and then quickly dropped it at the end of the semester. I just couldn’t get into blogging and couldn’t tell my professor why. But I think I’ve figured it out.

This class came with RULES!

I’m pretty sure the point and allure of blogging is that it doesn’t really have any rules. Sure, there are some guidelines and proper etiquette good bloggers should follow, but there shouldn’t be rules on what you can post.

As much as I liked posting about DIY ideas for poor young adults like myself, it was limiting and I got bored quickly. So I’m changing it up!

I’m at a point in my life where I need something to change. My job isn’t the bustling career I’d hoped it would be, my friends have all moved away and I recently got dumped. Now while this sounds like  tragically good country music song, it’s getting a little old. So is living with my parents. I love them dearly and they are easy to live with, but I need some independence…and fast.

Since I currently can’t afford to live on my own and the roommate possibilities are bleak at best, I’ve decided to start with smaller changes. Like my blog!

This is no longer just about DIY ideas. I want to blog about everything I love and how I’m working on getting a life back. Hope you enjoy the journey with me!!!

Let’s start with a picture from my FAVORITE magazine. Country Living!!

Country Living Living Room - I die!!