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Does anyone else have a problem with “out of sight, out of mind?” I sure do, especially when it comes to my jewelry. I’ve never worn a lot of it to begin with, but if it’s tucked away in a jewelry box, there’s no way I’ll put anything on. So I have to have my jewelry out for display, preferably at eye level, so I don’t miss it every morning. There are a couple of different ways you can display your jewelry to match your style.

Jewelry Stands

If you have extra space on your dresser, a jewelry stand is a great option. They are available in hundreds of different shapes and colors from simple hook stands to crazy sculptures. Here are a few examples below:

Earring Stand from Urban Outfitters

Earring Stand from Urban Outfitters $14

This is a pretty simple earring stand that would match a lot of different styles.

Some places also sell the hand stands that are great for holding rings. Personally, I find them a bit creepy and would be terrified to wake up in the middle of the night and catch that out of the corner of my eye. Yikes!

Eiffel Tower Jewelry Holder

Here is an example of a jewelry stand with some flair. It’s the Eiffel Tower! How cute is that. I bought this at Hobby Lobby for only a few dollars. I chose to repurpose it as some wall art. If I ever get any dresser top space again (not likely) I may use it to hold some necklaces and earrings.

Wall Displays

The easiest way for me to see my jewelry every morning is to put it at eye level, which for most people is shoulder level as I am only 5′ 1″. I found these totally awesome jewelry wall hangers at Urban Outfitters. They fit all of my big necklaces, especially the heavy ones, and all of my earrings that aren’t small studs. I believe these were around $20 each and I used the monkey hooks from an earlier post to hang them up!


My Jewelry!


I’m going to showcase a jewelry showcase (tehehe). My roommate has the best jewelry wall display I have ever laid eyes on and she made it entirely herself. Okay, maybe she borrowed the idea from Anthropologie, but it stills looks fantastic and cost her a fraction of what the Anthropologie set would have. I tried to find the picture from the online store she used for inspiration, but that was two years ago and isn’t available anymore. But anyway, here’s what she did:

She did this as a great summer project and I would recommend this as a project to do if you have lots of time. To make it look great is going to require some time and lots of digging if you want to keep it under budget. Here’s how she did it:

Step One: She shopped for weeks for cheap frames and fabric scraps. I would look at stores like GoodWill, Hobby Lobby or any local thrift store.

Step Two: She covered the backs of the frames with soft filler and the fabric swatches.

Step Three: She laid out thin ribbon pieces as jewelry holders and used tacks to hold them in place. She also found and painted dresser knobs (Hobby Lobby as tons), then screwed them into the back of the frame board.

And voila! She has a beautiful display for all of her jewelry!

Wall Display

It's wall art!

Jewelry Wall Hanger

She painted the knobs!

Earring Hanger

So many!