I was trolling through Country Living and found this:

Two Day Apartment Makeover

See how these girls decorated an apartment in two days.

Photo Credit: Laura Moss


Three women joined forces and creative talents to re-do a small city apartment. The photos are truly inspirational and the designs are beautiful.

I was slightly disappointed when they didn’t go into deeper detail about how they accomplished some of the design jobs. For instance, they did a wonderful job with the wall stencils, but I have no idea how to stencil a wall. Maybe I’ll have to do some digging for a stenciling how-to of my own.

Also, many of the other stories on the website tell you how much any¬† new additions cost. Normally, all items are listed with prices and links to the stores. I was sad this post didn’t include those because I LOVED the dresser knobs. Even though it says they were purchased at Restoration Hardware, most people (including yours truly) don’t feel like digging for it.

Nonetheless, the post was inspirational in all of the projects you can accomplish quickly. Also, I adored how they re-purposed vintage accessories.

Happy Weekend All!