Alright folks, here we go. I’m a little new to the blogosphere, but I do sincerely hope that someone, somewhere out there, will find this useful.

I have a passion for learning new things. I love to be taught new things all the time. Lately, I’ve become obsessed with moving into a new apartment. Soon I will graduate and will move into my own place and no longer have two

My dream living room!

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roommates…not that it hasn’t been a blast.

I’ve always loved to decorate and this new apartment will be no exception. However, as much as I love to watch HGTV’s Divine Design, I definitely don’t have the show’s resources to turn my new home into that. However, my eagerness to learn has propelled me into this new assignment to learn to do some of these home projects myself.

But before I get carried away with all of the fun projects I have planned, there is one important element that everyone should know first before trying these at home. What do you like?

What Do You Like?

That seems like an easy enough question, doesn’t it? When it comes to figuring out how you want your home to look, that question is sometimes  surprisingly difficult. Walking into a furniture or interior store can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you really like.

Personally, I am in love with all things shabby chic and vintage. This style is easily found and cultivated by reading magazines like Country Living. But some people like more modern or contemporary designs. But why define your style by one term? That’s so limiting.

How Do You Find Your Own Style?


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Here’s an easy way to figure out your personal style:

Step One: Get a journal, three-ring binder, or any kind of scrapbook. A big bulletin board would work too.

Step Two: Find every magazine you own or ask to take your friends and family’s old ones. (You can also do this with books or anything in print really. I say magazines because they’re easier to rip apart and not feel guilty about later).

Step Three: Go through the magazine and pull out every picture or article that you find interesting. Then, paste these into the book.

I  use the three-ring binder so I can always add more pages. Eventually, a pattern will start to appear in all of the images and articles about what you like the most. This is how I found out that I tend to lean towards the shabby chic, with a hint of vintage, aesthetic.

Don’t like magazines?

How about creating a file on your computer to store all the pictures and Websites you find on the internet? I have a file with dozens of links to interior designs, craft ideas and more. The end result will be the same.

Not only does this help you refine your style, it’s actually quite relaxing. For me, it’s helped get rid of the HUGE stacks of magazines that I haven’t been able to part with,  for fear that I would lose a great picture or article. Now,  all of my favorites are in one place and I can finally throw away the magazines.